Company SuiCo EOOD was established in 1996 with main activity processing and trading with food commodities. Today, more than twenty years later, the small family-owned company is a large enterprise with rice milling plant, factory for processing of cereals and pulses, modern packaging machines and a variety of products that retain serious place on the shelves in our country and the Balkans region.

Main part in our portfolio are brands Krina, Passiflora, and La Garone. Our products can be found in most major grocery chains like Auchan, Billa, CBA, COOP, Delhaze, Fantastico, Kaufland, Lidl, Mega Image, Metro, Picadilly, T Market, 345, supermarkets Fresh Market, Burov and others, as well as in small neighborhood grocery, in the homes of the ordinary Bulgarian family and in the kitchen of the finest restaurants.

Over the years we have established stable trade relations with partners from around the world. We work with companies from over 30 countries and successfully developing the export of our products in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

We are members of the Global Pulse Confederation (CICILS IPTIC) and Private Label Manufacturer Association (PLMA). We participate in international major trade exhibitions and fairs as SIAL Paris, ANUGA Cologne, PLMA Amsterdam, GulfFood Dubai.

Our facility is certified according to one of the strictest food safety standards IFS, ver. 6.1 at higher level and according to Regulations (EC) 834/07 and 889/08 processing and marketing of organic products.

As a company tracking trends for healthy and natural way of life, environment is an important priority for us. In 2016, the year of our 20th anniversary, we launched a new project for packaging products directly in cardboard boxes without additional polypropylene packaging.

In 2018 we put into operation our fully renovated rice factory. We have purchased special equipment for the drying of rice paddy, which uses technological waste from production – the rice husk. The drying process is innovative and  extremely environmentally friendly.

We believe that thus saving generating unnecessary waste and this is a step towards a cleaner Bulgaria.


1202 Sofia,
16 Malashefska str.

54626 Thessaloniki
1 Orfanidou Str

27 Postalionului Str.
Bl.2, App.19
Sector 4

BG T: +359 2 813 9888

GR T: +306909937027

RO T: +40 786 727 282


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