Bobfest – the festival of Bulgarian beans

On 31.08. and 01.09.2019. Krina with its most Bulgarian series “Once upon a time … beans, rice and lentils” was part of the traditional folk festival Bobfest 2019 in the paradise village of Raduil in Samokov province.

Amidst the festive atmosphere and upbeat mood, there was an iconic culinary exhibition in which each master presents himself with a feast-relevant feast. This year’s culinary jury was in the face of Krina. With joy and excitement, we tried all the competing dishes to distinguish the three winners. They received special and original awards from us, with wishes for future success.

In addition to culinary winners, Krina personally honored and congratulated the winners of the notorious International Folklore Competition, part of the cheerful Bobfest 2019.

Krina also received a recognition for participation in the landmark bean festival – an honorary diploma.