Brand Krina packages the foods that every family loves to eat on a daily basis – rice, beans, and lentils. With Krina, you can prepare your favorite stuffed peppers, Japanese sushi or Italian risotto. Because rice has an infinite variety of faces and we offer many of its diverse species.

Krina can inspire any chef. We have simple recipes and valuable tips for beginners, specific proposals that are ready for a few minutes for the busy people, Emperor’s rice – a great friend of seafood – for bon-vivants. We offer whole grain rice for healthy cooking and Balance rice for every family.

We produce some of our products here in Bulgaria, while others are imported from different parts of the world – from Canada to Australia, Ethiopia, Italy, and Kyrgyzstan. We have rice and beans from Egypt, quinoa from Peru and brown sugar from Mauritius. Meeting our foreign partners we always discover and try new varieties of rice, so we continue to offer products which are not familiar on the Bulgarian market. We believe that cooking red rice with coconut fragrance is an imaginary journey to an exotic island, right?