La Garone is a brand for cereals and seeds, granola, pasta without gluten and granulated vegetable proteins, which can be found at an affordable price in the supermarket.

Our ancestors achieved health and energy of nature thanks to the great power hidden in small grains and seeds. Some of them were called with symbolic names – such as “Food of the runner” (Chia), “Unquenchable flower” (amaranth) and “Queen of grains” (quinoa) – and are revered as sacred over the years. Others, such as einkorn wheat known as spelled, were forgotten during industrialization and rehabilitated today.

Nowaday, dietary trends are determined by nutritionists and fitness instructors. After the boom of additives in boxes began a new wave of returning to nature and natural food without additional additives and flavorings and carrying power to the ground.

Nutritional value of cereals and pulses are evaluated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Realizing the importance and power of these food products, the organization declared 2013 as International Year of quinoa, and in 2016 we celebrated the International Year of pulses. In the whole world were organized numerous information events, festivals and activities to disseminate knowledge about the ancient qualities of cereals.

Products La Garone share the millennial history of cereals and wisdom to carry nutrition ancient civilizations to modern life.