Balance rice is our version of healthy and delicious rice.

We all know that wholegrain rice is beneficial because brown surface layer and the germ contain fiber, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin E and B vitamins C.

However, it need longer preparation time soaking, and even after long cooking grains remain solid.

White rice itself is soft and delicate. It gets cooked quickly and easily, and its taste is a favorite of the whole family. White rice is not as nutritious as wholegrain as with the brown layer were removed the fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Striking a balance between healthy and tasty rice Balance created. Upon careful and delicate processing of grains it retained much of the vitamins and minerals found in the germ and fibers and unsaturated fatty acids from brown surface layer of the grain are optimally preserved.

Balance rice is tasty and useful and is boiled for the same time as white. You can prepare traditional dishes loved by the whole family, keeping the balance of enjoyable food.

Suitable for all recipes that use white rice – stuffed peppers, chicken with rice, milk rice pudding and many others.