Secretary of State of Nebraska, USA Mr. Robert Evnen visited SuiCo factories in Sofia

Secretary of State of Nebraska Mr. Robert Ewnen, together with Ms. Cynthia Allen, Deputy Secretary of the state and Mr. Angel Velichkov, Advisor on International Trade at the Department of Agriculture of Nebraska, were official guests of SuiCo at the factories for processing of rice, cereals and pulses in Sofia.

After presentation of the main activity and the portfolio of products at SuiCo’s head office in Sofia, the guests visited the modern processing plant located on Chepinsko shose. The grain and pulse processing factory, modern packaging machines and the variety of products made a great impression on the American guests, with which SuiCo confirmed its position as one of the most serious companies in the industry.

The official visit continued as a forum in a metropolitan hotel, where Bulgarian companies, processors, importers, traders and specialists in the field of grain and legume trade were invited for networking.