KRINA Supports Chef Silvena Rowe in a Noble Cause

In the month of the most Bulgarian holiday, on May 24, biohacking expert chef Silvena Rowe launched a charitable initiative aimed at preserving Bulgarian culinary traditions. As part of this initiative, she donated 70 copies of her latest book, "At Home," to 35 community centers across the country. These books, filled with accessible traditional recipes, are intended to reach the homes of even more Bulgarian families, thereby promoting healthy eating and preserving our culinary heritage.

The pages of the book are filled with accessible traditional recipes, adapted to the modern way of healthy eating. These recipes, featuring both original and exotic pleasant surprises for the family table, are not only delicious but also promote a healthy lifestyle. For this purpose, well-known KRINA brand products were used, ensuring the highest quality and nutritional value, inspiring you to try these healthful dishes.

"With my book "At Home" I aim to elevate Bulgarians' nutritional culture and remind them of the abundance of wonderful food products we have in Bulgaria, especially pulses and cereals, which experts in healthy nutrition call "superfoods," says chef Rowe. As its partner, KRINA fully supports the cause of the broader spread of healthy eating and the return of classic local products to the family table, a testament to our rich cultural heritage.