The search and development of innovative products and technologies are among the top priorities of our activity. They are an integral part of our aspiration to offer quality and healthy foods produced in a sustainable way. By offering our signature products such as Peeled beans and Balance rice, we strive to respond to the demands and needs of modern people, concerned for both their own wellbeing and the world around them.

Here are some of the innovative products and functionalities we have developed over the recent years.
In 2011 we added a new product to Krina's portfolio - Peeled Krina beans, which we obtain using a custom technology developed by us.

As a result of the production of Peeled beans, we completely remove the thick outer skin, which requires more cooking time and makes beans digestion difficult, while leaving the delicious, soft inside of the beans intact. The production process is entirely mechanical.

The result is quick-to-cook and stomach-friendly peeled beans with excellent taste. Krina Peeled beans completely suit our modern lifestyle since they offer faster and healthier food to be enjoyed by every modern family.
Krina undressed the beans!
Krina Balance Rice is the second proprietary innovative product of our specialists. It is the result of our desire to implement new technologies and scientific achievements to offer healthier foods.

The Balance Rice is partially whole grain rice offering a perfect harmony between health benefits and good taste. It has been established that most of the beneficial substances of rice are contained in its brown husk, but polished white rice cooks faster and has a pleasant, delicate taste. By gentle removing a carefully selected part of the skin, in our Balance rice, we managed to retain as much as 40% of the valuable ingredients, while achieving the short cooking time and mild taste of white rice.

Balance Rice is suitable for various home dishes from European and Middle Eastern cuisine, preserving their traditional taste, but also offering a higher health value.
When striving to achieve functional sustainability, SUICO thinks of both the production of our products and their use. Overproduction of packaging, which is later thrown away, leaves a long-lasting environmental footprint.

Therefore, we developed an innovative packaging technology – a box that properly and safely stores food products, that does not require any additional inner packaging.

Thus, we reduce the need for packaging machines and additional energy consumption, reduce the amount of waste generated by households and preserve the perfect quality of the Krina and Passiflora products until they reach the family kitchens.
Another innovation we have successfully implemented is the special sticker for easier and better resealing of already opened packages. The sticker that we offer with the packaging is the result of our effort to ensure maximum convenience and a pleasant overall experience when the consumers use our products.
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