With the Krina brand we produce and package those foods that every family loves and without which Bulgarian cuisine cannot - rice , beans and lentils . With Krina you can prepare your favorite stuffed peppers, Japanese sushi or Italian risotto. Because rice has an infinite number of faces and we offer a large part of its diverse types.

Krina can inspire any cook. For starters we have simple recipes and valuable tips. For the super-busy - special offers that happen in minutes. For the chefs we supply Emperor's rice, a great friend of seafood. For healthy cooks we have whole grains, and for each family we created rice Balance .

Some of our products we produce here in Bulgaria, others we import from different parts of the world - from Canada to Australia, through Ethiopia, Cambodia and Kyrgyzstan. We have rice and beans from Egypt, from Peru and brown sugar from the island of Mauritius. When we meet with our foreign partners, we always discover and try new and new varieties of rice, so we do not stop offering on the market products unknown to Bulgaria. It's said that making red coconut-flavored rice is an imaginary trip to an exotic island - isn't it?
Natural Choice
Once upon a time
Exotic Line
Easy Cook
Economy Pack
Boil in Bag
Old-fashioned jams
We work hard and it always works
Top products and innovations

Innovation in storage
Use the convenient sticker for easy storage so that the product does not spill in the cabinet.
Our seasonal series Once Upon a Time can be found in over 3,000 stores in Bulgaria
Chef Ermenkov recommends Extra rice for traditional dishes such as chicken with rice and stuffed peppers.
Reveal the Emperor's secret with the top influencer Bilyana Yotovska
La Garone is a brand for ancient cereals and seeds, signature muesli, gluten-free pasta and granulated vegetable proteins, which you can find at an affordable price in the supermarket.

Our ancestors received health and energy from nature, thanks to the great power hidden in the small grains and seeds. Some of them are called by symbolic names - "food of the runner" ( chia ), "unquenchable flower" ( amaranth ) and "queen of berries" ( quinoa ) - and are revered as sacred over the years. Others, such as the wheat of the Thracians, known as einkorn, were forgotten during industrialization and rehabilitated today.

Nowadays, nutrition trends are determined by nutritionists and fitness instructors. After the boom of additives in cans, a new wave of return to nature began, without additional additives and flavor enhancers, carrying the power of the earth.

The nutritional qualities of cereals and legumes are also assessed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Aware of the importance and nutritional power of these products, the organization declares 2013 the International Year of Quinoa , and in 2016 celebrates the International Year of Legumes. Numerous information events, festivals and activities have been organized to spread the ancient knowledge about the qualities of cereals.

La Garone products share the millennial history of cereals and transfer the wisdom of feeding ancient civilizations into modern everyday life.
Gluten free pasta
We work with attention to detail and check each ingredient
Top products and innovations

Exercise actively
We will take care of your morning portion of protein.
La Garone you can find large grocery stores.
Try our original muesli recipes, prepared with attention to each ingredient and in-depth studies of the latest health trends.
As food lovers and keen travellers, we share with you our culinary adventure called Passiflora.

We started from the island of Mauritius - a piece of paradise located in the Indian Ocean, where, in addition to the amazing nature, you can enjoy the juicy stalks of sugar cane. From it, the locals produce fragrant unrefined sugar with different consistency - from dark brown saturated sugar Molasses through golden cane sugar to light powder. We passed through green Indonesia, where we discovered the exotic sugar produced from the flowers of the coconut palm.

We found that the Indians are one of the largest producers of organic sugar, which we tried and we liked.

Returning to Europe, we visited the cosy vintage pastry shops in Belgium, where we were served coffee with large, brown, shiny crystals with a slight taste of caramel.

And in order not to make our adventure too sweet, we started to discover natural, salty flavours.

We reached the Himalayas, from where we brought pink crystals of Himalayan salt.

We continued to Tunisia, where we found natural sea salt from the warm Mediterranean Sea.

So we designed our original collection of sugar and salt and named it Passiflora (passionflower) in honour of our love of food and travel.

Our exciting journey continues today. We are trying new flavours, which we will share with you very soon. We welcome you to join us.
Original Salt Collection
Original Sugar Collection
Original collection of natural sugar and salt
Top products and innovations

A pinch of flavor from the skirts of the Himalayas
Diversify your menu with our spectacularly selected salt collection.
Passiflora can be found in the food stores in the country.
An original collection of unrefined and natural sugar selected from the most remote corners of the world.
New! Sugar from dried and ground dates.
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