As a family company, we believe that together we can achieve more than alone.

Knowing how difficult it is to start from scratch, we share experience, ideas and tips for overcoming difficult situations.

That is why we support socially responsible campaigns that touch our hearts and we hope that we help to have hope for everyone.
Extra help for children at risk
Every child deserves the chance to grow up in a real family, to taste the aroma of homemade food and to have a place to call home.

Therefore, from 01.06.20 to 31.12.2022 (or until the quantities are available) from each package of Extra Krina rice branded with the logo of SOS Children Villages Bulgaria we allocate funds and donate for the benefit of children deprived of parental care and children at risk of losing their family environment covered in the programs and projects of SOS Children Villages Bulgaria.

The total amount of the donated funds will be published after the expiration of the campaign on the website of SOS Children Villages Bulgaria .

Rice Extra with the logo of SOS Children Villages Bulgaria can be found in large food chains, in small groceries and in our official online shop.
We will win together
In these difficult times, we are sympathetic to the physicians of Pirogov hospital, donating an easy-to-use respirator with a built-in oxygen monitor and an oxygen bottle for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

For all first-line medics who work tirelessly and fulfill their public duty, we donated 3000 kg of rice, beans and lentils, which were distributed by the Bulgarian Medical Union. By sharing our products with their families, we express our empathy for the fight against the pandemic.

We know how important timely testing is to fight the disease. That is why we provided financial support to Sofia Med University Hospital for the purchase of tests for COVID-19.

Thanks to everyone who is fighting the dangerous virus on the front line!
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